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Artificial Hedge Fence Surrounds Rooftop Deck in West Los Angeles

When property owners built a rooftop deck in West Los Angeles, they decided the view was less than ideal, so they installed an artificial hedge fence around the area. Although the rooftop deck looked very nice, the rooftop below was covered with utility boxes and ugly AC units that were not very pleasing to the […]


Climaleaf Artificial Hedge for Versatile Use

Climaleaf artificial hedge is an amazing new product on the artificial plant market that gives the competition a run for its money. A lot of the artificial boxwood hedge currently available is manufactured with cheap materials and it rapidly fades and deteriorates in direct sunlight and outside elements. Climaleaf artificial hedge mats are specifically made […]


Six Types of Artificial Hedge Mats

Geranium Street Floral has six different types of artificial hedge mats available. When the company started selling artificial hedge material there were only two types available, but now they have a wide range of styles to fit almost any taste. The mats vary by leaf length, thickness, leaf type, and color. Artificial hedge mats are […]