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Imitation Boxwood Hedges Installed at New Restaurant

Imitation boxwood hedges were installed in various places throughout the new Great Maple restaurant in Torrance, California. Great Maple is a new exciting addition to the Del Amo Mall in Torrance, and is the third great Maple restaurant in Southern California, joining its predecessors in San Diego and Newport Beach. Artificial hedge is used throughout […]


Faux Greenery for Restaurants

Faux greenery is being used in restaurants, hotels, luxury apartment buildings, casinos, and retail spaces for decorative and practical purposes. Some restaurant chains are even implementing artificial hedges, topiaries, and fake trees into their whole design motif. One new restaurant in Torrance, California used artificial hedges throughout their new location, and the owner plans on […]


Artificial Hedge Used in New Restaurant

A new restaurant opening in Torrance, California has used artificial hedge as a key aspect of its interior design. Artificial hedge has been used to create privacy barriers between the booths on the outside patio. Artificial hedges have also been used inside the restaurant to create barriers in front of service stations. Artificial topiary balls […]