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Artificial Hedges Used to Define Space and Create Privacy

Restaurants, hotels, and event venues use artificial hedges to define space and create privacy. Groups often book areas within certain venues for fundraisers and other types of events, and they need to be blocked off from other areas within the space. A hotel manager explained it this way – “We have all kinds of groups, […]


Artificial Flowering Plants Popular at Events

Artificial flowering plants are extremely popular at events like weddings, and exclusive parties. Artificial cherry blossom trees, artificial peach blossoms, and artificial azaleas light up and add color to lackluster events. For photography purposes, these artificial plants really fill up the frame with color.  Artificial plants have an advantage because they can be used over […]


Artificial Plants for San Diego Event Rentals

Artificial plants for San Diego event rentals include artificial boxwood hedges, artificial trees, faux flowers and topiaries. Events like weddings, trade shows, conventions, fundraisers, and sporting events sometimes require temporary barriers and backdrops. Photography backdrops are also often necessary at import events. Artificial plants offer the best solution. Artificial boxwood hedges that are already constructed […]