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Artificial Hedge Wall Offers Solution to Block Nuisance Neighbors

An artificial hedge wall is a relatively inexpensive solution to block out unsightly views of nuisance properties and also create a privacy barrier. This is the age of McMansions and houses are getting bigger and bigger, so privacy is now more of an issue than ever in many neighborhoods. On top of that, some of […]


Artificial Hedge Wall Solutions

Installing an artificial hedge wall to block out unwanted views or for privacy purposes is one solution for such problems. Real boxwood hedges have provided seclusion and privacy at majestic estates for centuries. Β It is not always possible or practical for many people to have a real boxwood hedge, but it is possible for them […]


Seaport Village Renovation Utilizes Artificial Hedge Wall

An artificial hedge wall was put up as a temporary barrier as renovations take place at Manchester Grand Hyatt hotel at Seaport Village. A fake hedge wall, though temporary, looks like a real boxwood hedge and makes the pain of construction to adjoining businesses much more bearable.Β  Passers by can’t even see the renovations taking […]