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Artificial Replacement Hedge Wall at Hyatt Regency in San Diego

The Hyatt Regency in downtown San Diego recently updated a trellis they had by their swimming pool when they removed the real hedge and installed an artificial replacement hedge. The real hedge was an ongoing problem and required ongoing maintenance. The leaves kept dying and falling into the pool and jacuzzi, which caused problems there. […]


Artificial Green Wall Covering Accent West Hollywood Apartment Building

The owners of a West Hollywood luxury apartment building installed artificial green wall covering to accent the exterior of their building. Residents and neighbors all agree the upgrade really brought the building to life. The best thing about this decorative addition is that it didn’t cost a fortune and is completely low maintenance. Artificial green […]


Artificial Green Wall Installations in Southern California

Due to the ongoing drought, privacy concerns, and purely decorative reasons, artificial green wall installations are going up all over Southern California. From Palm Springs, to Beverly Hills, Orange County, and all over San Diego County, homeowners and commercial property owners are installing artificial boxwood hedges.  Artificial plants are manufactured better than ever before, and […]