Geranium Street Floral manufactures tailor made imitation boxwood shrubs needed for clientele across The southern area of California and the rest of the United States. Each of our builders at Geranium Street consistently make custom imitation hedges as high as 8’ high which can be used to block out unattractive views and avoid strangers from looking in.

These types of manufactured hedges don’t appear to be basic wall surfaces nevertheless, but they do look and feel much like realistic natural hedges.

Tall concrete or cinder block walls may look imposing and unattractive, possibly even jail like, however imitation hedges seem elegant and calming. The visible appearance on it’s own made by synthetic boxwood hedges validate the meager cost it costs to be able to install them. Our artificial boxwood hedges are made to specification for any exclusive or business premises or spot.

Artificial boxwood hedges from Geranium Street can certainly be UV coated or not, dependant on the customer’s specific needs, and all are built to withstand ravages of the sun, fading, wind, rain, snow, and now we are offering products that are resistant to fire.

In the event you travel around an expensive community in Beverly Hills today, you will see genuine boxwood hedges encircling many properties. These live hedges took decades to cultivate, shape and maintain. Custom artificial boxwood hedges can be built and installed by next week. Geranium Street patterns custom artificial boxwood hedges for commercial properties as well as residential.

Custom artificial hedges for commercial use offered by Geranium Street Floral like their artificial boxwood hedges have a lead time of two weeks. Customer service specialists will generate a custom quote for the commercial user’s specific needs: fire retardant, UV coated, or for indoor, outdoor uses.

“Depending upon the materials selected, the artificial boxwood hedges available from Geranium Street Floral are excellent for business applications used indoors or out,” Smith said. The tall artificial hedges present an added privacy level and sound proofing.

The trendy folks in Phoenix AZ have a style that is all their own when it comes to fake boxwood.