Privacy Landscaping With Artificial Hedge at Northridge Estate

Installation of privacy landscaping in Northridge

A new privacy landscaping trend utilizes artificial boxwood hedge to add height to existing walls and fences and avoid zoning violations. Local ordinances often prohibit walls and fences above a certain height, but do not prohibit the height of plants and hedges. One homeowner in the exclusive Sherwood Forest neighborhood in Northridge added over a foot to the wall surrounding his property using artificial boxwood hedge.

The artificial hedge looks fantastic in contrast with the custom stone work on his wall. The extra foot of artificial hedge increases the privacy, but does not make the property look like a prison. The natural looking artificial hedge blends right in with existing live plants, and passers by may not even realize it is artificial.

Privacy landscaping is a big deal in many neighborhoods of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. As homes increase in size, often filling up entire lots, privacy becomes an issue. People don’t want their neighbors looking right into their windows, only feet away. Also, increased privacy provides an extra level of security.

Artificial hedge increases wall height

Privacy Landscaping with Artificial Plants

  • Artificial boxwood hedge fence extension
  • Artificial trees strategically placed
  • Free standing artificial hedges
  • Pool privacy with artificial hedge

    Finished artificial hedge extension

So many of the homes in the San Fernando Valley have pools and privacy is an issue. People want to lay out by their pools and have their children swim, while not feeling like they are in a fishbowl. Increasing the fence height with artificial hedge is one way to increase privacy. One advantage of using artificial hedge, is that it does not shed into the pool like live plants.

Geranium Street USA of San Diego does artificial plant installations all over Southern California, including the San Fernando Valley. The pros from Geranium Street worked closely with the Northridge homeowner to create his vision. Call Geranium Street today to discuss all of the exciting new privacy landscaping options.