Architectural Trellis in West Hollywood Simulates Hedge

Architectural Trellis in West Hollywood

A luxury apartment building in West Hollywood was upgraded with an architectural trellis that resembles live boxwood hedge. The decorative touch was designed with artificial boxwood hedge and really makes the building stand out. Artificial boxwood hedge designed for outdoor use is an attractive, low maintenance option for decorative and privacy purposes.

The owners of the property were unhappy with the bland appearance of their building, and were looking for unique options for exterior decor. Artificial boxwood hedge is popular as a wall covering and can also be constructed as free standing. At the West Hollywood apartment building, artificial boxwood hedge was attached to lattice to give the appearance of a three dimensional live hedge.

This was a relatively inexpensive way to upgrade the property, and add a bit of greenery to the exterior. Residents and neighbors love the new appearance, and it fits with the theme of the luxury building. Many of the residents don’t even realize the hedges aren’t real. The beauty of the artificial hedge is that it requires no maintenance or water.

Architectural Trellis Ideas

  • Decorative accent
  • Block unsightly views
  • Privacy screen
  • Reduce echoes
  • Simulate greenery

This type of architectural trellis is often used as a privacy screen to either block out unsightly views on adjacent properties, or to keep outsiders from looking in. In some cases the faux hedge is used to prevent graffiti in areas where that is a problem. At the building in West Hollywood, adding the artificial hedge helped reduce echoes.

Attractive Artificial Hedges accent apartment building

Geranium Street USA is Southern California’s leading supplier and installer of artificial boxwood hedge. They have installed versions of this architectural trellis on buildings all over California. Top architects realize that artificial hedge is a relatively inexpensive option for a variety of purposes. Call Geranium Street sales manager, Martin Portilla at (760) 216-0671.