Outdoor Privacy Dividers for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Artificial hedge for privacy booths

Exciting new outdoor privacy dividers made with artificial plants are in style for restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and other public spaces. Custom made artificial boxwood hedges create a barrier between diners, enhancing their dining experience and providing a comfortable level of privacy. These exciting artificial plant barriers look realistic and add more life than traditional wood barriers.

We have all been to restaurants and coffee shops and felt like we were sitting in a fishbowl. Every bit of your conversation is overheard by the people at the next table, and you hear every bit of theirs. Some restaurants think this is an efficient use of space to maximize profits, but that is short sighted thinking, because people don’t want to return to a crowded noisy space. Smart restaurateurs think of the long term and create spacious and private dining spaces for their patrons.

Dave Alfieri has designed restaurants for upscale restaurant chains all over the country. “We are seeing a trend, especially for upscale restaurants, where people don’t want to spend their hard earned dollars eating in a barn. The old chains that tried that approach are dying. Now, people want to dine in spaces that offer a higher level of comfort and privacy,” Alfieri said.

Imitation boxwood hedges at Great Maple

Outdoor Privacy Divider Ideas

  • Custom designed artificial boxwood hedges
  • Artificial trees and flowers
  • Faux planters with artificial bushes
  • Artificial bamboo

Artificial boxwood hedges, custom designed, are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of building materials. Southern California company, Geranium Street USA builds artificial hedges for all kinds of commercial and residential properties, usually as privacy dividers. The artificial hedges add life and color to bland spaces, at the same time allowing a certain amount of light to pass through.

Artificial Hedges define space

Geranium Street president, Robert Smith employs some of the smartest designers, welders, and builders to perfect the manufacturing process. “When we first started we didn’t really know what we were doing, but have learned through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. That includes using the best materials, that don’t rust or fade. Right now, our products are better than they have ever been,” Smith added.