Introducing “The Yaqui,” Artificial Topiary

The "Yaqui" artificial topiary tree

The “Yaqui” artificial topiary tree

The Yaqui,” named after the Yaqui Indian Tribe in Mexico, is an artificial topiary decorative piece created by artist, Bo Cameron. “The Yaqui,” is made with a combination of artificial and natural materials, and can be used for interior or exterior décor. “The Yaqui,” has a weathered steel base, Mexican pebble fill, features a Manzanita burl, a natural elk horn stalk, and two artificial ivy leaf topiaries.

Bo Cameron is a local San Diego artist who has mastered many different mediums. He started as a painter, moved onto sculpture, and now does many interesting interior and exterior design pieces from different mediums. Geranium Street Floral president met Cameron right at a La Jolla art show and was so impressed with him, he hired him right away to create the “Madera Collection,” for Geranium Street.

“Bo is so talented. He can work with so many different mediums, and he was just what I was looking for to design the Madera Collection,” said Smith. “If you look at art history, and especially the surrealist movement, you will see the topiary, or sculptured plant as a recurring theme. We wanted to continue that tradition with our Madera Collection,” added Smith.

Manzanita wood burl

Manzanita wood burl

Bo Cameron was influenced by masters like Salvador Dali, the great surrealist, versatile master, Pablo Picasso, and even the great Dr. Seuss. The Yaqui mixes the real and the unreal to create the surreal. This amazing piece will look good in an office lobby, on a veranda, or in nightclub. It will surely be a conversation piece wherever it lands.

The Yaqui Artificial Topiary

  • Weathered steel faux planter
  • Mexican pebble filler
  • Natural Manzanita burl
  • Wyoming elk horn stalk
  • Two artificial ivy topiaries

The Yaqui artificial topiary is heavy enough that it can be placed almost anywhere and it won’t be blown over, or easily knocked over. It might be something that is stored away, and then brought out for special events, or it can be placed permanently wherever, and requires almost no maintenance, rather than periodic dusting.  The artificial topiaries are UV rated and will not fade in the sun, or deteriorate in extreme weather conditions.

Elk antler stalk for "The Yaqui"

Elk antler stalk for “The Yaqui”

Geranium Street Floral builds all kinds of custom artificial topiaries, including portable 8’ tall artificial boxwood hedges. They have recently focused on highly creative decorative pieces and have found a niche market for them. The Yaqui artificial topiary is a part of their exciting new Madera Collection, they are introducing for the Fall 2015 season.