Fake Hedges Block Unpleasant Views on Rooftop Balcony in West LA

Fake hedges used to block AC units in West LA

Property owners in West LA decided to improve their rooftop balcony used for entertaining and they installed fake hedges to block out unpleasant views of surrounding rooftops. Lets, face it – the view from most rooftops includes ugly air conditioning units, power lines, and tar paper. While it is nice to enjoy a view from atop a perch, sometimes the view is ruined by utility boxes and chaotic sites unseen from the ground.

At the West LA building, the property owners wanted the rooftop balcony area to hold fundraisers and entertain donors. The rooftop is located close to the 405 freeway, and on clear days you can see all the way to the ocean. It is a perfect place for entertaining, but several large air conditioning units on top of the building make for a less than pleasant view.

The property owners decided to build a frame around their rooftop balcony and install fake hedges to block out the unsightly views, not necessarily to block incoming views. The fake hedges are constructed with artificial boxwood hedge mats that are designed for outdoor use and won’t fade in the sun. The artificial boxwood hedges look like real hedges, but don’t require the ongoing maintenance. Problem solved in West Los Angeles.

Artificial hedge fills in gaps of fence

Fake Hedges in Use

  • Privacy screens
  • Fence extensions
  • Block unsightly views
  • Noise reduction
  • Shade

In another installation, property owners installed artificial hedges around a noisy air conditioning unit that sat next to a rooftop pool area. The fake hedges sometimes mask pump houses, utility boxes, and other necessary but not eye pleasing fixtures. Artificial hedge attaches easily to any flat surfaces, or free standing units can be custom constructed.

Artificial hedge encases AC unit

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