Custom Artificial Topiaries as Decorative Pieces

Ice cream shop artificial topiary

Ice cream shop artificial topiary

Artificial topiaries could be the unique decorative pieces interior decorators have been looking for. Geranium Street Floral has hired a new designer and he is crafting decorative topiaries with artificial plants, natural Manzanita wood, drift wood, and even elk antlers.ย  These custom decorative pieces are truly unique and will certainly be conversation pieces wherever they are placed.

Real topiaries throughout history signified wealth, luxury, and even royalty. Topiaries were crafted from boxwood hedges to look like various shapes and even animals. Skilled landscape craftsmen were employed full time by the various estates to prune and maintain all of the fantastic foliage. This is why normal people could not afford to grow and maintain elaborate hedges and topiaries.

Today, some of the artificial plants being manufactured look incredibly real. Sometimes people have to touch them to determine that they arenโ€™t real, and even then, they may not be so sure. Artificial plants, when combined with natural elements, like drift wood or antlers, look incredibly attractive. These make unique decorative pieces that you have not seen before.

Geranium Street made the first decorative artificial topiary with artificial cedar trees and real elk antlers. North American Elk shed their antlers every year, so there is an abundance of antlers, and no animal has to be killed to get them. The artificial cedar trees look incredibly real and they are accented nicely by the elk antlers, in a faux vase.

Artificial topiaries 1

Artificial Cedar Topiary

The second decorative artificial topiary was constructed with real Manzanita wood, harvested in San Diego County, and artificial topiary balls. They artificial and natural items were placed in a faux base and backdrop. The result is something that looks extremely surreal.ย  Is this a plant from outer space? It looks modern and hip, but classic at the same time.

Artificial Topiaries 2

Artificial Topiary Balls with Manzanita Wood

Elements of Custom Artificial Topiaries

  • Exotic Manzanita wood
  • Drift wood found on the California Coast
  • Elk antlers from the Rocky Mountains
  • Artificial trees, shrubs, and bushes
  • Artificial boxwood topiary balls
  • Artificial hedges
  • Artificial flowers

Geranium Street has crafted many custom ย artificial topiaries for businesses, events, and private homeowners. The company now employs landscape designers, and now has added a designer specifically to craft custom decorative pieces out of faux plants and natural materials. If you have an idea for a custom artificial topiary and you would like to see it become a reality, call Geranium Street Floral today at (858) 525 -2251.