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Why Imitation Plants?

“You can depend on Geranium Street Floral to provide top quality products and to stand behind our work. ”  ~Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral

Our staff members believe in imitation plants because they look more realistic than ever and are manufactured better than ever before. Also, because water conservation is more important than ever before  in several parts of the world. We would like to make a positive difference in the lifestyles of everyone we can reach. Weather you are covering an entire wall, or just adding a decorative touch, we guarantee our products to be of the highest quality. We believe that as our customers see the benefit of imitation plants they will implement in their homes and places of business to save money and water.


Geranium Street Floral recently prepared and shipped two artificial boxwood panels from its San Marcos facility to a client in Los Angeles.

These custom-built 4′ x 6′ x 1′ panels, were constructed of galvanized steel, a primed and painted base available in black, white or brown satin, flat or gloss paints, and artificial boxwood material. The artificial boxwood is offered by Geranium Street Floral in either fire-retardant or non-fire retardant materials, making the assembled panels ideal for indoor and/or outdoor use.

Bob Smith, Geranium Street Floral manager says: “We are excited to have these new, custom artificial hedge products to offer our customers, and are thrilled we can create them in either fire retardant or non-fire retardant material.”

The custom artificial hedge products are $995 each and have a lead time of two weeks. If you need artificial boxwood hedges, balls and/or  bushes, call the online store office at (760) 304-4955. Interior and exterior designers all over the country from San Diego to Manhattan are implementing artificial hedge walls into their designs. Artificial hedge walls are quietly popping up at hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and residences. Texture and green are in this year, and are an important part of modern design.

A whole new industry has cropped up around artificial plants, and artificial hedge walls. Artificial hedge walls are being used for large events as barriers, and backdrops, and they are used on movie and television sets for the same reason. “Plantscapers” are hired to assist interior and exterior designers.

Geranium Street Floral has recently been involved in several exciting projects throughout California, in Las Vegas, and Canada. The company did two projects in the San Francisco area. One project involved installing artificial boxwood hedge walls around the pool, patio, and tennis court area of an architect’s house in San Mateo. They also created an artificial hedge privacy wall on a rooftop balcony in Pacific Heights.

Interior designers and architects are also using artificial hedge walls in their commercial designs. Green walls add a lot of color and texture to bland office lobbies, hotel entrances and retail spaces. Artificial hedge walls look very attractive in salons, clothing boutiques, and of course, restaurants.

Artificial hedge walls outside

Now, Geranium Street has designed a new product called the hybrid living wall. The hybrid living wall uses artificial boxwood hedge with living California succulent plants and decorative stone. The hybrid living wall is sure to garner much attention as this green fad continues throughout North America.  Living walls, also known as vertical gardens are showing up at exclusive properties in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Las Vegas, Palm Beach, and Sedona, Arizona. A whole new industry has sprung up to create living walls and vertical gardens, and then maintain them. Living walls are not for people or companies on tight budgets. They cost thousands of dollars to create and maintain.

Geranium Street Floral works with top architects and designers who are trail blazers in the interior and exterior design world. The days of flat concrete or wood walls are over. This is the era of “green” and green walls are the big new thing. Geranium Street has created artificial hedge walls at several commercial properties and private residences.

Geranium Street Floral has recognized the importance and popularity of living walls and has in response, created the Hybrid Living Wall. The hybrid living wall uses artificial plants, real rocks, and live succulent plants. The hybrid living wall requires no complex watering system, as succulent plants can survive with the moisture of the air alone.

The hybrid living wall can be attached to existing walls, or built as its own free standing wall. This is perfect for condo balconies, high rise balconies, pool areas, or patios. The hybrid living wall can also be used to infuse life into boring interiors of restaurants, retail spaces, or office buildings.

Succulents and Faux Boxwood co-existing

Hybrid living walls are surely going to be a hit in 2014. Real living walls look fantastic and create a lot of buzz, but are usually not cost effective or practical for most situations. Hybrid living walls are cost effective, and are practical because they are virtually maintenance free. Geranium Street Floral wants to custom design a hybrid living wall for you.

A lady called into Geranium Street Floral and explained that she had a rooftop balcony that she had wanted to do something with for years. She had found our site online and was impressed by the pictures of artificial boxwood hedge. The balcony was off of the master bedroom on the third floor of her Victorian era home in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. She was considering an artificial hedge privacy wall for the balcony.

After much consultation, and a visit to her property to take measurements, the team at Geranium Street Floral custom designed an Artificial Boxwood Hedge privacy wall for the lady’s roof top balcony. Designers at Geranium Street came up with a plan to build all of the pieces of the privacy wall, so it could easily be transported and installed on the property with as little trouble as possible.

Geranium Street Floral was already doing another big job in San Francisco, so they scheduled the Pacific Heights project at the same time. The privacy wall was to be six feet high on two sides, and three feet on one side, allowing a spectacular view of downtown San Francisco. On the front side, the privacy hedge graduated from six feet down to three feet.

It took three days to install, and the hardest part was transporting all of the pieces up to the roof. Pacific Heights is a historic neighborhood in San Francisco, and the homes there were mostly built in the 1870’s. Properties that old require an extra amount of delicate care, and the pros from Geranium Street Floral were very aware of that. In the end, the project came out fantastic, and the lady and her husband were very happy.

Rooftop balcony before installation looking west

Completed hedge wall looking east

Completed hedge wall looking west

Geranium Street Floral has designed artificial hedges for various types of properties, from Palm Springs, to Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many areas in between. They have also sold artificial boxwood hedge to people all over the country. Artificial hedge is becoming popular to make privacy walls, green walls inside commercial buildings and houses, and for temporary walls at events and construction sites.

Artificial Living Walls