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Why Fake Plants?

“You can depend on Geranium Street Floral to provide top quality products and to stand behind our work. ”  ~Bob Smith, Owner, Geranium Street Floral

Our organization believes in imitation foliage because new manufacturing techniques and designs have made fake plants better than ever before. Another important consideration is water conservation, which is an issue in many areas of the country and world. We would like to help to make a positive improvement in the lives of everyone we are able to make contact with. No matter what the size of your project, we stand behind our work and you can depend on us to care, and to send only the very best artificial plant products available.

What Do People Commonly Use Fake Plants For?

Fake plants have a variety of practical and decorative uses. Faux hedges are very popular for both reasons – they look good and increase privacy. They also add texture and color.  In other cases, retailers, restaurateurs, and commercial property owners want to add a unique touch to their properties. Window displays look richer. There is a perception of increased quality, and a subtly ambient appeal, where a well-crafted imitation decor vision is applied.

Hedging is sought after for sure, and even more attraction we have seen recently in event designing and planning. It is an obvious natural match that events, or spots in which functions are consistently scheduled, may prefer to display plants of a more durable and consequently reusable characteristic, hence synthetic plants. They are easy to build to specification, and easy to transport and move.

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