Backyard Privacy Ideas for McMansions in the Los Angeles Area

Climaleaf artificial hedge for outdoor use

McMansions, those humongous multi story homes that fill up entire lots, have neighbors searching for backyard privacy ideas. All around Los Angeles, huge new homes replace older, smaller houses, leaving next door neighbors scrambling to maintain their privacy. There are expensive solutions and less expensive solutions to this problem.

In the past, a six foot fence or block wall would be tall enough to maintain backyard privacy. Not so today, with the popularity of McMansions. Today, an eight foot fence is the norm. There are ways to increase the height of existing fences and walls that will not break the bank. Of course, some residents don’t care about the cost, they just want an attractive and effective solution to their privacy problem. 

Artificial boxwood hedge is one affordable solution to privacy issues in Los Angeles neighborhoods. Artificial hedge looks like real hedge, is designed for outdoor use, and can be installed onto existing walls and fences. The advantage of artificial hedge as opposed to real hedge is that it can be installed immediately, and requires no maintenance or water.  Artificial boxwood hedge in Los Angeles

Backyard Privacy Ideas and Solutions

  • Artificial boxwood hedge fence extensions
  • Artificial ivy privacy screen
  • Strategically placed faux palm trees
  • Custom built freestanding faux hedges

In addition to artificial hedges, many exciting new products, including artificial palm trees, as high as 18’ are available. These realistic artificial palms, strategically placed, can solve many privacy problems. McMansion windows may look right into your backyard or into your home. The problem is a big one, but the solution doesn’t have to be.

Workers install artificial hedge

Geranium Street USA is in the privacy business. They install artificial privacy hedges and trees all over Los Angeles, including the exclusive enclaves of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Manhattan Beach, and Encino. Call them today at (760) 216-0671 to discuss your backyard privacy ideas.