Artificial Privet Hedge Becoming Popular in Beverly Hills

Artificial Privet Hedge at Mondrian Hotel

Artificial privet hedge is a faux version of the live privacy hedges you see all over exclusive areas, and is becoming quite popular in tony Beverly Hills. You will still see towering live hedges surrounding many properties throughout the area, but for various reasons, residents are going artificial in much of their landscaping. Drought in California, high maintenance costs, and security issues have spurning the popularity of fake plants.

For many of the residents of Beverly Hills, money is no issue – they can afford to pay exorbitant water and gardening bills, however, money is not the only consideration. Many property owners in Beverly Hills, Bel Aire, and surrounding neighborhood are concerned about security and liability. They don’t need bad publicity about being water hogs, hiring illegal labor, or resulting lawsuits from accidents on their property.

Artificial Privet Hedge on Beverly Hills property

Landscape designers and architects realize that artificial plants make sense and especially since the quality is so much better than it ever was. The new artificial privet hedge looks extremely realistic, and is designed for outdoor use, so it won’t fade in the sun or be affected by the elements. As you visit properties in Beverly Hills, you may be surprised by the amount of artificial turf and plants infused into the landscape.

Artificial Privet Hedge Advantages

  • Low maintenance
  • Added privacy
  • Low liability
  • Increased security
  • Looks realistic
  • Durable

Artificial privet hedge easily installs onto almost any flat surface, or can be custom constructed as free standing. Home owners wishing to raise the height of a wall or fence can use artificial privet hedge to raise the height of their wall by up to two feet. Often that is enough to keep the nosy tourists, paparazzi, and neighbors from peering in and taking pictures.

Geranium Street employee installs artificial hedge

Geranium Street USA installs artificial privet hedge all over Los Angeles. They completed many jobs in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Santa Monica, and Encino. You can see their artificial hedges at the Mondrian Hotel, and other retail spaces throughout the city. They also import the artificial hedge directly, so there is no middle man. Call sales manager Martin Portilla today at (760) 216-0671 to arrange for an estimate.