Artificial Plant Mats

Why Artificial Plants?

We believe in artificial foliage because they look great, they retain quality over time, and there is becoming a great need for water conservation in many parts of the world. We want to help make a positive difference in the lives of everyone we can reach. No matter the size of your project, we stand behind our work and you can depend on us to care, and to send only the very best.

What Do People Commonly Use Fake Plants For?

Some of the most popular uses we have seen for faux plants is with hedging. There are many ways to use artificial boxwood hedge in privacy wall as well as decorative applications. Restaurants cover walls with the lush green covering and it changes the feel of the room completely. There is a perception of increased quality, and a subtly ambient appeal, where a well-crafted artificial decor vision is applied.

Hedging is popular for sure, and even more interest we have seen recently in event designing and planning. It is an obvious natural fit that events, or venues where events are regularly scheduled, might like to display plants of a more durable and therefore reusable nature, hence artificial plants.



Artificial Boxwood Mat can be used in so many ways. Here Bob Smith starts to create a utility panel that can be duplicated many times for easy application to walls and fences. Using a solid backing prior to applying the mat to the desired location allows for a future change of heart and easy re-application of the artificial boxwood mats to a different location later… Artificial Hedge can completely change your outdoor environment, and it can change your indoor environment too. Used as privacy panel screens it solves ambient sound management problems in a very eye pleasing way. Our artificial hedge is used in hotel chains across America as well as in Hollywood stage settings such as “Martha Stewart’s Living” and the popular sitcom “Cougar Town”. Artificial Plants are our business. We design and produce some of the best artificial plants you can find anywhere online. Our specialty is artificial boxwood styled products because they are so widely utilized in so many different applications. One customer asked us if we thought he could get away with placing a few hundred artificial boxwood square mats on the top of a building in New York to hide the air conditioning units…  Beautiful decor doesn’t just happen by itself. Somebody has to stop the train and start having fun with exterior design! Can you imagine throwing a party and everyone steps out the back way and see’s dead shrubs in pots from extreme sunshine and no water and struggling if not lifeless greenery everywhere else? How horrifying! Why not buy artificial boxwood and get this instead.


Artificial Plant Mats:

  1. Artificial UV Boxwood Light Green
  2. Artificial UV Boxwood Medium Green
  3. Artificial Uv Boxwood Long Leaf
  4. Artificial UV Holly Leaf Mat
  5. Artificial UV Green Leaf Privacy Foliage
  6. Artificial UV Dark Green privacy Foliage
  7. Artificial Living Wall Mat