Artificial Hedge Walls for Rent or Sale

Artificial hedge walls at hotel restaurant

Artificial hedge walls at hotel restaurant

Artificial hedge walls for rent or sale are becoming the rage at event venues, restaurants, and hotels. These moveable artificial hedge walls are 8” tall and 4’ wide and can be easily moved around, either on plastic skid plates, or caster wheels. These fake hedge walls are being used to partition off areas during events for crowd control, or privacy.

One boutique hotel in Santa Monica purchased several artificial hedge walls to use in their courtyard restaurant. They can easily move the artificial hedge panels on castor wheels from one area of the restaurant to another. They can close off certain areas of the restaurant for VIP parties, conferences, or presentations.

This particular hotel in Santa Monica requested that their hedges be equipped with castor wheels for easy movement.  Other portable fake hedges have plastic skid plates on the bottom of their bases, so they can be easily slid across concrete or floors. The artificial hedge panels are relatively lightweight also, and can be easily moved with a dolly by one person, or picked up and carried by two people.

8" tall Artificial hedge walls

8″ tall Artificial hedge walls

The artificial hedge walls built with repurposed wood bases, steel wire frames and they have artificial boxwood hedge mat skins.  The bases could also be constructed with core-ten steel, fiberglass, or painted different colors. The artificial hedges can be taken off and put into different bases.

Artificial Hedge Walls in Use

  • Partition off VIP areas
  • Privacy walls for special events
  • Direct foot traffic
  • Repurpose space
  • Photography backdrops

Artificial hedge rentals are popular with event companies. The biggest event companies in Los Angeles, San Diego, and even as far away as Seattle are buying hundreds of these artificial hedge walls.  Geranium Street Floral has started a unique new program where their customers can rent out their artificial hedge panels to other customers, or rent them from Geranium Street or their “furniture partners,” when they need more hedges than they have on hand.  This means that all the furniture partners have access to hundreds of hedges without having to buy or store them.

Castor wheels on artificial hedge wall

Castor wheels on artificial hedge wall

Geranium Street Floral has streamlined the construction process for portable artificial hedges . They have the material and manpower to construct dozens of these artificial hedges every week. They have also made the best product available when it comes to durability, portability, and appearance. Their new furniture partnership program also is a great service for all of their clients.