Artificial Hedge Panels for Events

Artificial Hedge Panels at Las Vegas Event

Artificial Hedge Panels at Las Vegas Event

Artificial Hedge Panels are popular event rentals in San Diego County for important events, including weddings, trade shows, and conferences. Wedding planners and event coordinators know that portable faux boxwood hedges are useful for many reasons at special events. 8’ tall by 4’ artificial hedge panels are the industry accepted standard size. Event coordinators report that their biggest problem is finding enough of the fake hedges. Some events require 100 plus 8’ by 4’ artificial hedges.

Many of the bigger events require barriers or enclosures and the artificial hedge panels work perfectly for that.. Faux boxwood hedges appear extremely realistic, and stand tall enough to provide ample privacy and security. and are easy to set up and break down. Each artificial hedge panel weighs just over 100 pounds and they are easy to move with a dolly.

Artificial hedge panels make great backdrops at trade shows. Vendors hang artwork and promotional banners on the realistic faux hedges. The artificial hedge panels also serve as barriers for crowd control and to shield unsightly views of staging areas. Artificial hedges work great for fashion shows and other showcase style events, because they make excellent photo backdrops. 

artificial boxwood hedges

Close up of Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panel

Artificial Hedge Panels at Events

  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Weddings
  • Music Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Grand Openings and Premieres
  • Showcases and Fashion shows
  • Holiday Events

In Los Angeles, media events employ artificial hedge panels  for film premiers, live television events, and industry galas. The Southern California area hosts 100’s of special events each week in several different counties from Los Angeles to San Diego.  The wedding season continues year round in Southern California and wedding planners routinely add the artificial hedges into their rental budgets.

Employee moves rental hedge with dolly

Employee moves rental hedge with dolly

Evergreen Event Rental rents artificial hedge panels for events all over Southern California and surrounding states. They have provided 100’s of hedges for events in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, and even Lake Tahoe. The company is located in San Marcos and they have the largest inventory of 8’ by 4’ foot artificial hedges around.