Artificial Hedge Maze Rental in San Diego

Overhead view of Hedge Maze Rental

Overhead view of Hedge Maze Rental

An artificial hedge maze rental is the perfect addition for your next event or party in Southern California. A hedge maze adds that special touch for memorable weddings, birthday parties, and special events. Hedge maze builders put together artificial boxwood hedge panels to construct amazing and fun hedge mazes.

Halloween is just around the corner and an artificial hedge maze rental can provide spooky fun for that out of this worl Halloween party. Remember the hedge maze in the movie, “The Shining?” The film’s climax happened in the hedge maze outside of the fictional Overlook Hotel in the movie. A spooky artificial hedge maze at a Halloween party with a “Shining” theme would surely be the hottest ticket in town.

Artificial boxwood hedge panels

Artificial boxwood hedge panels

An artificial hedge maze rental provides all kinds of creative possibilities and fun. Hedge mazes are excellent for children and adult games, scavenger hunts, and contests to enhance any party or event. A hedge maze at a wedding could be the perfect spot for a couple to take a romantic stroll  and share a first kiss.

Artificial Hedge Maze Rental Possibilities

  • Perfect for Halloween Parties
  • Host Scavenger hunts
  • Hide and seek games for children and adults
  • Romantic stroll
  • Display area for products

Corporate sponsors use the artificial hedge maze as a creative showcase for new products. Likewise, an artist or museum could use the hedge maze for the same purpose. The walls of the artificial hedge maze are made of artificial boxwood hedge attached to a steel frame, and it is easy to hang things on.

8" tall Artificial hedge walls

8″ tall Artificial hedge walls

Evergreen Event Rental of San Marcos is Southern California’s artificial hedge maze rental provider. They have a large inventory of 8’ by 4’ artificial boxwood hedge panels required to make a faux hedge maze. They also have hedge maze blueprints already made. Contact them today to reserve your artificial hedge maze rental  in time for Halloween, and be the talk of your neighborhood.