Artificial Hedge Fence Surrounds Rooftop Deck in West Los Angeles

AC units and rooftop view before install

When property owners built a rooftop deck in West Los Angeles, they decided the view was less than ideal, so they installed an artificial hedge fence around the area. Although the rooftop deck looked very nice, the rooftop below was covered with utility boxes and ugly AC units that were not very pleasing to the eye. The owners wanted something that would block the unsightly view and not cost a fortune. They decided to use outdoor artificial boxwood hedge.

Outdoor artificial hedge mats are made from durable polyurethane and looks extremely realistic. Different leaf styles and shades of green are available. UV rated artificial hedge mats will not fade in the sun or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions. The plastic artificial hedge mats affix to any flat surface or installers can build them as freestanding.

For the West Los Angeles installation, designers first built a wood frame around the rooftop deck. Hedgemat installers then installed the artificial boxwood hedge mats onto the wooden frame and onto an existing fence, effectively blocking out the unsightly views. From the street, the artificial hedge fence looks like a real hedge. From the rooftop deck, the artificial hedge fence looks like a rooftop oasis.

Installation of Artificial Hedge Fence in progress

Artificial Hedge Fence Advantages

  • Relatively inexpensive to install
  • Looks like a real boxwood hedge
  • Low Maintenance
  • Blocks unsightly views
  • Enhances privacy

In some cases, property owners install artificial hedge fences to block out incoming views. Privacy is a big issue in the city, and especially on rooftop balconies where people are completely exposed. Just as the artificial hedge wall in West Los Angeles blocked out unsightly views, other artificial hedges create a privacy barrier from those looking in. The artificial hedge wall in West Los Angeles also created a sound barrier from the nearby 405 freeway.

Completed Artificial Hedge Fence looks fantastic

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