Artificial Green Wall Covering Accent West Hollywood Apartment Building

Architectural Trellis in West Hollywood

The owners of a West Hollywood luxury apartment building installed artificial green wall covering to accent the exterior of their building. Residents and neighbors all agree the upgrade really brought the building to life. The best thing about this decorative addition is that it didnโ€™t cost a fortune and is completely low maintenance.

Artificial green walls are the newest architectural trend – especially in upscale areas like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Scottsdale, and Palm Beach. New manufacturing techniques of artificial plants produce more durable products than ever before. Artificial boxwood hedge designed for outdoor use installs on any flat surface and works well for decorative and practical purposes.

Artificial plant mats are available in a variety of leaf styles and shades of green. For the West Hollywood installation the owners chose small leaf artificial boxwood in medium green. Most people driving or walking by the building have no idea that the green walls are in fact artificial. The artificial hedge mats are UV rated and guaranteed not to fade in the sun.

Attractive Artificial Hedges accent apartment building

Uses For Artificial Green Wall

  • Interior/ exterior accent
  • Privacy screen
  • Block unsightly views
  • Add texture and color
  • Graffiti prevention

In some urban areas where graffiti vandalism is a constant problem, property owners install artificial green walls for graffiti prevention. Graffiti vandals target all flat walls over and over again. Property owners have to constantly repaint walls as new graffiti appears nightly. Surprisingly, vandals leave the artificial green walls alone and move on to easier targets.

Climaleaf artificial hedge mats

Architects and landscape designers have discovered the artificial green wall as a solution to many of their problems. One big advantage is that artificial green walls are relatively inexpensive to install compared to other types of construction materials. Geranium Street USA is one of the nationโ€™s top distributors and installers of artificial green walls. Call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 today to discuss your options.