Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Why Fake Greenery?

“Depending upon the materials selected, the artificial boxwood hedges available from Geranium Street Floral are perfect for commercial applications used indoors or out,” Smith said.

Our company believe in faux foliage mainly because they appear fantastic, these products retain high quality over time, and there is becoming a great desire for h2o preservation in many areas of the earth. We want to help to make a beneficial improvement in the lifestyle of everybody we can reach out to. Regardless of dimension of the project, we stand behind all of our work and you can depend on us to care, and to send only the very best.

What Do People Commonly Use Fake Plants For?

Some of the most popular uses we have seen for faux plants is with hedging. There are many ways to use artificial boxwood hedge in privacy wall as well as decorative applications. Restaurants cover walls with the lush green covering and it changes the feel of the room completely. There is a perception of increased quality, and a subtly ambient appeal, where a well-crafted imitation design vision is used.

Hedging is widely used beyond doubt, and even more attraction we have seen recently in event creating and planning. It becomes an evident natural fit that events, or spots in which events are consistently planned, may choose to showcase plants of a stronger and thus reusable quality, hence faux plants.

Geranium Street Floral makes custom artificial boxwood hedges for consumers throughout Southern California and the rest of the United States. Our builders at Geranium Street routinely build custom fake hedges as high as 8’ tall that are used to obstruct unappealing views to prevent strangers from looking in. These artificial hedges don’t appear like mere walls however, but they do look like authentic 100 % natural hedges.

High concrete or cinder block walls look imposing and hideous, even prison like, but fake hedges look spectacular and tranquilizing. The visual benefit alone produced by artificial boxwood hedges validate the small cost it costs to install them. Our artificial boxwood hedges are created to specification for almost any privately owned or industrial property or place.

Artificial boxwood hedges from Geranium Street may be UV coated or not, based upon the customer’s specific specifications, and all are built to withstand problems of the sun, fading, wind, rain, snow, and now we are offering products that are resilient to fire.

In case you drive your car around a fashionable community in Beverly Hills today, you’ll see actual boxwood hedges encompassing many properties. These live hedges took decades to nurture, shape and maintain. Custom artificial boxwood hedges can be built and put in by next week. Geranium Street models custom artificial boxwood hedges for commercial properties as well as residential. The tall artificial hedges provide an extra level of privacy and sound proofing.

Custom artificial hedges for commercial use offered by Geranium Street Floral like their artificial boxwood hedges have a lead time of two weeks. Customer service specialists will generate a custom quote for the commercial user’s specific needs: fire retardant, UV coated, or for indoor, outdoor uses.


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