Artificial Hedges Used to Define Space and Create Privacy

Artificial Hedges define space

Restaurants, hotels, and event venues use artificial hedges to define space and create privacy. Groups often book areas within certain venues for fundraisers and other types of events, and they need to be blocked off from other areas within the space. A hotel manager explained it this way – β€œWe have all kinds of groups, booking all kinds of events, and those groups don’t always mix well with our other hotel customers – so we create a private space within a space,” he said.

Artificial hedges are perfect for creating private areas either within a building, or on the exterior. The hedges look like real hedges, are attractive, and a tall enough and thick enough to assure privacy. The artificial hedges are easy to setup and breakdown also. Event rental companies rent the hedges, or sometimes venues buy their own and store them away until they are needed.

Weddings, fundraisers, trade shows, and other types of events often require a secure area outside the view of normal business. Hotels and restaurants want to host these types of events while conducting their day to day business, and the artificial hedges make that possible. Receptions, cocktail parties, and mixers, function perfectly inside their defined space.

Artificial hedges at a trade show

Define Space with Artificial Hedges

  • Block off areas for private events
  • Use for crowd control
  • Create privacy zone
  • Use for decorative purposes

For large events, the portable artificial hedges serve as barriers for crowd control. Event promoters use the hedges to direct crowds into certain area, and also to hang banners and promotional materials. In some cases, the artificial hedge walls are purely decorative and used to enhance a theme at certain kinds of events.

4′ by 8′ foot Artificial Hedge Rentals at event

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