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Privacy Landscaping With Artificial Hedge at Northridge Estate

Installation of privacy landscaping in Northridge

A new privacy landscaping trend utilizes artificial boxwood hedge to add height to existing walls and fences and avoid zoning violations. Local ordinances often prohibit walls and fences above a certain height, but do not prohibit the height of plants and hedges. One homeowner in the exclusive Sherwood Forest neighborhood in Northridge added over a foot to the wall surrounding his property using artificial boxwood hedge.

The artificial hedge looks fantastic in contrast with the custom stone work on his wall. The extra foot of artificial hedge increases the privacy, but does not make the property look like a prison. The natural looking artificial hedge blends right in with existing live plants, and passers by may not even realize it is artificial.

Privacy landscaping is a big deal in many neighborhoods of Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. As homes increase in size, often filling up entire lots, privacy becomes an issue. People don’t want their neighbors looking right into their windows, only feet away. Also, increased privacy provides an extra level of security.

Artificial hedge increases wall height

Privacy Landscaping with Artificial Plants

  • Artificial boxwood hedge fence extension
  • Artificial trees strategically placed
  • Free standing artificial hedges
  • Pool privacy with artificial hedge

    Finished artificial hedge extension

So many of the homes in the San Fernando Valley have pools and privacy is an issue. People want to lay out by their pools and have their children swim, while not feeling like they are in a fishbowl. Increasing the fence height with artificial hedge is one way to increase privacy. One advantage of using artificial hedge, is that it does not shed into the pool like live plants.

Geranium Street USA of San Diego does artificial plant installations all over Southern California, including the San Fernando Valley. The pros from Geranium Street worked closely with the Northridge homeowner to create his vision. Call Geranium Street today to discuss all of the exciting new privacy landscaping options.

Custom Mini Artificial Hedges for Events or Restaurants

Custom mini artificial hedges at Charity event

Custom mini artificial hedges in faux planters define space for special events or restaurants and retail stores. Event coordinators use standard size eight foot tall artificial hedges at a variety of events and event venues as space and privacy dividers. The shorter mini hedges are not used so much for privacy, but for defining space and adding a decorative flair to an enclosed space.

Recently, an event in Los Angeles used mini artificial hedges for their VIP booth at an important charity event. The handsome faux mini hedges in planters set the VIP booth apart from the other booths at the event. The VIP area was also walled off with the larger 8’ tall artificial hedges.

The event business is huge in Southern California with trade shows, charity events, fundraisers, and sporting events happening nearly every weekend and several times during the week. Vendors constantly seek new ways to make their products stand out from the competition. Artificial boxwood hedges add color and texture to any event.

Custom Mini Artificial Hedges Uses

  • Trades shows
  • VIP areas
  • Restaurant dividers
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks cafes

    Faux mini hedges define space at VIP booth

Custom mini artificial hedges make great permanent fixtures at restaurants or retail spaces also. The small faux hedges are easy to move and are perfect for sidewalk cafes that set up and break down each day. Outdoor patios at restaurants employ them as space dividers. The hedges look very realistic and customers may not even realize they are faux.

Geranium Street USA manufactures mini artificial hedges with material they import directly. UV rated artificial hedges are great for outdoor use and won’t fade in intense sunlight. Geranium Street sells artificial hedges and all kinds of other artificial plant products nationwide, and their associate company, Evergreen Event Rental, rents the artificial hedges throughout California. They also have a new location in Austin Texas.

Mini hedges popular at trade fairs and charity events


Artificial Replacement Hedge Wall at Hyatt Regency in San Diego

Existing trellis at Hyatt Regency

The Hyatt Regency in downtown San Diego recently updated a trellis they had by their swimming pool when they removed the real hedge and installed an artificial replacement hedge. The real hedge was an ongoing problem and required ongoing maintenance. The leaves kept dying and falling into the pool and jacuzzi, which caused problems there. The management finally realized that artificial hedge was the solution to their problem.

The pros at Geranium Street USA supplied the UV rated artificial boxwood hedge for the job and installed it. There are many companies selling artificial boxwood hedge mats, but not all of them are the same. Like with anything else, you get what you pay for, and the cheapest is rarely the best. Cheaper brands fade quickly in the California sun, and Geranium Street only sells the very best artificial plant products, which they import directly from Asia.

Hedges and other real plants next to swimming pool often cause a problem. Pool maintenance people spend hours and hours getting leaves out of pools, and then fixing the pumps that are clogged with leaves. That is why many pool owners surrender and replace their real hedges by the pool with artificial hedges. Artificial hedges are maintenance and water free, and they look great.

Finished installation of artificial replacement hedge

Artificial Replacement Hedge Versus Real Hedge

  • Requires no maintenance or water
  • Leaves don’t fall into pools and spas
  • Will not die
  • Looks great all year long
  • One time expense

The trellis at the Hyatt Regency was already in place, so all they had to do was remove the live hedge and install the artificial replacement hedge. Artificial hedge is easily installed onto any existing wall, or even wood fence. If there is no existing structure, the pros at Geranium Street can custom design and build one.

Artificial hedges require less maintenence

Geranium Street USA has a whole line of exciting artificial boxwood hedge mats, with different shades of green and leaf types. Visit their online store and see the line of exciting projects. They do installations at all kinds of commercial and residential properties. Call them today at (760) 798-2316 to discuss your options.



Outdoor Privacy Dividers for Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Artificial hedge for privacy booths

Exciting new outdoor privacy dividers made with artificial plants are in style for restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and other public spaces. Custom made artificial boxwood hedges create a barrier between diners, enhancing their dining experience and providing a comfortable level of privacy. These exciting artificial plant barriers look realistic and add more life than traditional wood barriers.

We have all been to restaurants and coffee shops and felt like we were sitting in a fishbowl. Every bit of your conversation is overheard by the people at the next table, and you hear every bit of theirs. Some restaurants think this is an efficient use of space to maximize profits, but that is short sighted thinking, because people don’t want to return to a crowded noisy space. Smart restaurateurs think of the long term and create spacious and private dining spaces for their patrons.

Dave Alfieri has designed restaurants for upscale restaurant chains all over the country. “We are seeing a trend, especially for upscale restaurants, where people don’t want to spend their hard earned dollars eating in a barn. The old chains that tried that approach are dying. Now, people want to dine in spaces that offer a higher level of comfort and privacy,” Alfieri said.

Imitation boxwood hedges at Great Maple

Outdoor Privacy Divider Ideas

  • Custom designed artificial boxwood hedges
  • Artificial trees and flowers
  • Faux planters with artificial bushes
  • Artificial bamboo

Artificial boxwood hedges, custom designed, are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of building materials. Southern California company, Geranium Street USA builds artificial hedges for all kinds of commercial and residential properties, usually as privacy dividers. The artificial hedges add life and color to bland spaces, at the same time allowing a certain amount of light to pass through.

Artificial Hedges define space

Geranium Street president, Robert Smith employs some of the smartest designers, welders, and builders to perfect the manufacturing process. “When we first started we didn’t really know what we were doing, but have learned through trial and error, what works and what doesn’t. That includes using the best materials, that don’t rust or fade. Right now, our products are better than they have ever been,” Smith added.

Artificial Hedges Used to Define Space and Create Privacy

Artificial Hedges define space

Restaurants, hotels, and event venues use artificial hedges to define space and create privacy. Groups often book areas within certain venues for fundraisers and other types of events, and they need to be blocked off from other areas within the space. A hotel manager explained it this way – “We have all kinds of groups, booking all kinds of events, and those groups don’t always mix well with our other hotel customers – so we create a private space within a space,” he said.

Artificial hedges are perfect for creating private areas either within a building, or on the exterior. The hedges look like real hedges, are attractive, and a tall enough and thick enough to assure privacy. The artificial hedges are easy to setup and breakdown also. Event rental companies rent the hedges, or sometimes venues buy their own and store them away until they are needed.

Weddings, fundraisers, trade shows, and other types of events often require a secure area outside the view of normal business. Hotels and restaurants want to host these types of events while conducting their day to day business, and the artificial hedges make that possible. Receptions, cocktail parties, and mixers, function perfectly inside their defined space.

Artificial hedges at a trade show

Define Space with Artificial Hedges

  • Block off areas for private events
  • Use for crowd control
  • Create privacy zone
  • Use for decorative purposes

For large events, the portable artificial hedges serve as barriers for crowd control. Event promoters use the hedges to direct crowds into certain area, and also to hang banners and promotional materials. In some cases, the artificial hedge walls are purely decorative and used to enhance a theme at certain kinds of events.

4′ by 8′ foot Artificial Hedge Rentals at event

Geranium Street USA is the number one company for all of your artificial hedge needs. They have perfected the manufacture of artificial hedges and only use the best materials which they import directly. Their affiliate company, Evergreen Event Rental serves Southern California, and the entire Southwest, and soon they will be opening a branch office in Austin, Texas.