The Loraux Decorative Topiary Tree

The Lorax artificial topiary tree

The Loraux artificial topiary tree

The “Loraux,” is a decorative topiary tree that is part of the exciting Madera Collection from Geranium Street Floral.  Inspired by the popular book by Dr. Seuss, the Lorax utilizes elements from the natural and unnatural world. The Loraux was designed by San Diego artist, Bo Cameron for Geranium Street.  This decorative artificial topiary tree has a weathered steel base, Mexican pebble filler, a natural Manzanita wood stalk, and features a 19” and 36” artificial boxwood topiary balls.

Dr. Seuss wrote “The Lorax,” because he was angry about the natural environment was being destroyed in favor of industry.  In the book, the Lorax was actually the imaginary creature who spoke for the endangered “Truffula trees”, after the “Sneeds,” industry virtually wiped them out.  Artist Bo Cameron was greatly inspired by Dr. Seuss as a child and also in art school.  The Loraux artificial topiary tree is homage to that.

“As I studied art, I noticed many recurring themes and shapes throughout the history of painting and sculpture. Those included spheres, triangles, and balls. If you look at the great works from the surrealist movement, or cubism, you will notice these recurring themes,” said Cameron, who started out as a serious student of the surrealist movement. Cameron started out as a painter, and then moved on to created art from mixed mediums.

Decorative topiaries from the Madera Collection

Decorative topiaries from the Madera Collection

“We are surrounded everywhere by beautiful objects in the natural and the unnatural world. Why not combine them to make something uniquely beautiful,” said Cameron. Cameron met Geranium Street Floral president Bob Smith at a La Jolla art show and their collaboration began.  “Bo Cameron is the MacGuyver of the art world. Give him a few objects, any objects, and he can create something fantastic,” said Smith.

The Loraux Decorative Topiary

  • Core-ten base
  • Mexican pebble filler
  • Natural Manzanita wood stalk
  • 19” and 36” artificial boxwood topiary balls

Artist Bo Cameron often spends his weekend walking the hills of Southern California looking for interesting pieces of Manzanita wood, burls, and interesting rocks. He also searches the junk yards of San Diego County looking for interesting pieces of scrap metal. He is a skilled welder and fabricator and often uses those skills when creating his masterpieces.

Geranium Street Floral proudly introduces the Madera Collection. Each decorative topiary tree in the collection is made from elements of the artificial and the natural, including elk antlers from Wyoming, drift wood from the Mexican coast line, Manzanita wood from the hills of California, and artificial plants from Geranium Street Floral.  Visit their online store to see and purchase the full collection.