Artificial Boxwood Hedge for Balcony Use

Artificial Boxwood Hedge for Balcony Use

Artificial hedges designed for balconies are trending right now, especially in urban areas where privacy is an issue. Urban condo and apartment dwellers living in high rise buildings often feel like they are constantly on display. Either they have to have their shades drawn at all times, or they are not comfortable sitting on their balconies because their neighbors can see their every move. Now there is an attractive and relatively inexpensive solution –  boxwood hedges for balconies.

rooftop artificial boxwood hedge in Los Angeles

Building codes, HOA rules, and other pesky regulations often prevent condo owners from modifying their properties in any way. Building any kind of permanent barrier is often discouraged or prohibited. However, condo owners and apartment dwellers can place plants and other moveable objects onto their balconies for purposes of privacy. Artificial boxwood hedges can be placed in faux planters and they require no special permission and building permit.

Artificial boxwood hedge is made from durable polyurethane and can be purchased with UV protection for outdoor use. From a distance, this looks like a live boxwood hedge. Artificial hedges can be custom built to almost any specification. Condo owners can had a foot or two as a privacy barrier on their balconies, and it looks like a real hedge.

Often, real plants are difficult to cultivate and maintain. They have to be watered, trimmed and fertilized. Most people in the busy urban environment don’t have the time, patience, or knowhow to nurture real hedges and plants. This is where realistic artificial plants come in – they are virtually maintenance free.

Purposes for Artificial Hedges

  • Balcony privacy
  • Add greenery
  • Safety barriers for pets and children
  • Decorative flair
  • Sound proofing

Another reason to install an artificial hedge onto a balcony is to protect pets, and/or children from accidentally falling or jumping off. Many barriers built onto balconies are extremely short and they offer little protection against falling for pets and children. Some balconies are designed in such a way they are even unsafe for adults. Building an artificial boxwood hedge is an easy and relatively inexpensive solution for that problem.

Artificial boxwood hedge in Los Angeles









Geranium Street Floral has built and installed custom artificial hedges on balconies all over California. Their customers have reported that they love their artificial boxwood hedges and are now able to enjoy their balconies as never before. Geranium Street directly imports their artificial hedges from Asia, and they pass their savings onto the consumer. Geranium Street Pros have also developed installation techniques that make their artificial boxwood hedges far and above the best in the industry.


Artificial Hedge Maze Rental in San Diego

Artificial Hedge Maze Rental in San Diego
Overhead view of Hedge Maze Rental

Overhead view of Hedge Maze Rental

An artificial hedge maze rental is the perfect addition for your next event or party in Southern California. A hedge maze adds that special touch for memorable weddings, birthday parties, and special events. Hedge maze builders put together artificial boxwood hedge panels to construct amazing and fun hedge mazes.

Halloween is just around the corner and an artificial hedge maze rental can provide spooky fun for that out of this worl Halloween party. Remember the hedge maze in the movie, “The Shining?” The film’s climax happened in the hedge maze outside of the fictional Overlook Hotel in the movie. A spooky artificial hedge maze at a Halloween party with a “Shining” theme would surely be the hottest ticket in town.

Artificial boxwood hedge panels

Artificial boxwood hedge panels

An artificial hedge maze rental provides all kinds of creative possibilities and fun. Hedge mazes are excellent for children and adult games, scavenger hunts, and contests to enhance any party or event. A hedge maze at a wedding could be the perfect spot for a couple to take a romantic stroll  and share a first kiss.

Artificial Hedge Maze Rental Possibilities

  • Perfect for Halloween Parties
  • Host Scavenger hunts
  • Hide and seek games for children and adults
  • Romantic stroll
  • Display area for products

Corporate sponsors use the artificial hedge maze as a creative showcase for new products. Likewise, an artist or museum could use the hedge maze for the same purpose. The walls of the artificial hedge maze are made of artificial boxwood hedge attached to a steel frame, and it is easy to hang things on.

8" tall Artificial hedge walls

8″ tall Artificial hedge walls

Evergreen Event Rental of San Marcos is Southern California’s artificial hedge maze rental provider. They have a large inventory of 8’ by 4’ artificial boxwood hedge panels required to make a faux hedge maze. They also have hedge maze blueprints already made. Contact them today to reserve your artificial hedge maze rental  in time for Halloween, and be the talk of your neighborhood.

Artificial Hedge Panels for Events

Artificial Hedge Panels for Events
Artificial Hedge Panels at Las Vegas Event

Artificial Hedge Panels at Las Vegas Event

Artificial Hedge Panels are popular event rentals in San Diego County for important events, including weddings, trade shows, and conferences. Wedding planners and event coordinators know that portable faux boxwood hedges are useful for many reasons at special events. 8’ tall by 4’ artificial hedge panels are the industry accepted standard size. Event coordinators report that their biggest problem is finding enough of the fake hedges. Some events require 100 plus 8’ by 4’ artificial hedges.

Many of the bigger events require barriers or enclosures and the artificial hedge panels work perfectly for that.. Faux boxwood hedges appear extremely realistic, and stand tall enough to provide ample privacy and security. and are easy to set up and break down. Each artificial hedge panel weighs just over 100 pounds and they are easy to move with a dolly.

Artificial hedge panels make great backdrops at trade shows. Vendors hang artwork and promotional banners on the realistic faux hedges. The artificial hedge panels also serve as barriers for crowd control and to shield unsightly views of staging areas. Artificial hedges work great for fashion shows and other showcase style events, because they make excellent photo backdrops. 

artificial boxwood hedges

Close up of Artificial Boxwood Hedge Panel

Artificial Hedge Panels at Events

  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Weddings
  • Music Festivals
  • Sporting Events
  • Grand Openings and Premieres
  • Showcases and Fashion shows
  • Holiday Events

In Los Angeles, media events employ artificial hedge panels  for film premiers, live television events, and industry galas. The Southern California area hosts 100’s of special events each week in several different counties from Los Angeles to San Diego.  The wedding season continues year round in Southern California and wedding planners routinely add the artificial hedges into their rental budgets.

Employee moves rental hedge with dolly

Employee moves rental hedge with dolly

Evergreen Event Rental rents artificial hedge panels for events all over Southern California and surrounding states. They have provided 100’s of hedges for events in Las Vegas, Phoenix, San Francisco, and even Lake Tahoe. The company is located in San Marcos and they have the largest inventory of 8’ by 4’ foot artificial hedges around.

Artificial boxwood Hedges set in Posh LA Hotel

Artificial Boxwood Hedges in Planters at LA Hotel


A swank hotel in Los Angles purchased several artificial hedges in planters to create a new seating area in their pool area. The artificial hedges are 8’ high by 4’ wide and sit in wooden planters. The hedges are easily moveable and do not require a building permit to install. This is a relatively inexpensive to alter any space temporarily or permanently.

Artificial boxwood hedge mat is becoming a very hot commodity at many exclusive hotels and restaurants. It looks very realistic and adds texture and color to any flat surface. Some restaurants are covering entire walls with the fake hedge as part of their “green” theme. The artificial hedge adds an elegant touch to any property.

Artificial Boxwood hedges for rental are built the same standard 8’ by 4’ size. The faux planters that the fake hedges sit in can be made out of wood, fiberglass, or steel. Event rental companies are renting the portable artificial hedges for weddings, premiers, conventions and other events. Large catering events often use the hedges to block off the kitchen area they set up from the rest of the event.

artificial boxwood hedges

Artificial Boxwood Hedges in Planters in Use

  • Set up temporary barriers at events
  • Block off areas under construction
  • Create photography backdrops
  • Add texture and greenery
  • Make moveable walls

The artificial boxwood hedges in planters are heavy enough that they won’t blow over, but light enough that they can be easily moved should it be necessary. At the Los Angeles hotel they are using the portable artificial hedges by their pool area, but may move them somewhere else later. That is the beauty of them.

Geranium Street Floral of San Marcos built and supplied the fake hedges for the Los Angeles hotel. They are not the first company to build the 8’ by 4’ hedges, but they have perfected the construction process. They use only the best outdoor UV rated artificial hedge mats, galvanized steel frames, and wooden faux planters. All of the standard size artificial hedges built by Geranium Street feature skid plates on the bottom, making them easier to slide around.


Geranium Street has a large inventory of artificial hedges in planters available for rent also. You can pick them up at their San Marcos location, or they will deliver and pick them up all over Southern California. For hotels and restaurants the portable hedges can be the simple solution to altering any space permanently or temporarily.