Artificial Hedges Used to Define Space and Create Privacy

Artificial Hedges Used to Define Space and Create Privacy

Artificial Hedges define space

Restaurants, hotels, and event venues use artificial hedges to define space and create privacy. Groups often book areas within certain venues for fundraisers and other types of events, and they need to be blocked off from other areas within the space. A hotel manager explained it this way – “We have all kinds of groups, booking all kinds of events, and those groups don’t always mix well with our other hotel customers – so we create a private space within a space,” he said.

Artificial hedges are perfect for creating private areas either within a building, or on the exterior. The hedges look like real hedges, are attractive, and a tall enough and thick enough to assure privacy. The artificial hedges are easy to setup and breakdown also. Event rental companies rent the hedges, or sometimes venues buy their own and store them away until they are needed.

Weddings, fundraisers, trade shows, and other types of events often require a secure area outside the view of normal business. Hotels and restaurants want to host these types of events while conducting their day to day business, and the artificial hedges make that possible. Receptions, cocktail parties, and mixers, function perfectly inside their defined space.

Artificial hedges at a trade show

Define Space with Artificial Hedges

  • Block off areas for private events
  • Use for crowd control
  • Create privacy zone
  • Use for decorative purposes

For large events, the portable artificial hedges serve as barriers for crowd control. Event promoters use the hedges to direct crowds into certain area, and also to hang banners and promotional materials. In some cases, the artificial hedge walls are purely decorative and used to enhance a theme at certain kinds of events.

4′ by 8′ foot Artificial Hedge Rentals at event

Geranium Street USA is the number one company for all of your artificial hedge needs. They have perfected the manufacture of artificial hedges and only use the best materials which they import directly. Their affiliate company, Evergreen Event Rental serves Southern California, and the entire Southwest, and soon they will be opening a branch office in Austin, Texas.

Artificial Hedge Fence Surrounds Rooftop Deck in West Los Angeles

Artificial Hedge Fence Surrounds Rooftop Deck in West Los Angeles

AC units and rooftop view before install

When property owners built a rooftop deck in West Los Angeles, they decided the view was less than ideal, so they installed an artificial hedge fence around the area. Although the rooftop deck looked very nice, the rooftop below was covered with utility boxes and ugly AC units that were not very pleasing to the eye. The owners wanted something that would block the unsightly view and not cost a fortune. They decided to use outdoor artificial boxwood hedge.

Outdoor artificial hedge mats are made from durable polyurethane and looks extremely realistic. Different leaf styles and shades of green are available. UV rated artificial hedge mats will not fade in the sun or deteriorate under extreme weather conditions. The plastic artificial hedge mats affix to any flat surface or installers can build them as freestanding.

For the West Los Angeles installation, designers first built a wood frame around the rooftop deck. Hedgemat installers then installed the artificial boxwood hedge mats onto the wooden frame and onto an existing fence, effectively blocking out the unsightly views. From the street, the artificial hedge fence looks like a real hedge. From the rooftop deck, the artificial hedge fence looks like a rooftop oasis.

Installation of Artificial Hedge Fence in progress

Artificial Hedge Fence Advantages

  • Relatively inexpensive to install
  • Looks like a real boxwood hedge
  • Low Maintenance
  • Blocks unsightly views
  • Enhances privacy

In some cases, property owners install artificial hedge fences to block out incoming views. Privacy is a big issue in the city, and especially on rooftop balconies where people are completely exposed. Just as the artificial hedge wall in West Los Angeles blocked out unsightly views, other artificial hedges create a privacy barrier from those looking in. The artificial hedge wall in West Los Angeles also created a sound barrier from the nearby 405 freeway.

Completed Artificial Hedge Fence looks fantastic

Geranium Street USA is the Southern California artificial hedge fence specialist. They have designed and installed custom artificial hedges for properties all over California and adjoining states. Call sales manager Martin Portilla today to discuss your ideas and option at (760) 216-0671. Also, follow Geranium Street on Facebook for weekly updates on new products and installations.

Fake Hedges Block Unpleasant Views on Rooftop Balcony in West LA

Fake Hedges Block Unpleasant Views on Rooftop Balcony in West LA

Fake hedges used to block AC units in West LA

Property owners in West LA decided to improve their rooftop balcony used for entertaining and they installed fake hedges to block out unpleasant views of surrounding rooftops. Lets, face it – the view from most rooftops includes ugly air conditioning units, power lines, and tar paper. While it is nice to enjoy a view from atop a perch, sometimes the view is ruined by utility boxes and chaotic sites unseen from the ground.

At the West LA building, the property owners wanted the rooftop balcony area to hold fundraisers and entertain donors. The rooftop is located close to the 405 freeway, and on clear days you can see all the way to the ocean. It is a perfect place for entertaining, but several large air conditioning units on top of the building make for a less than pleasant view.

The property owners decided to build a frame around their rooftop balcony and install fake hedges to block out the unsightly views, not necessarily to block incoming views. The fake hedges are constructed with artificial boxwood hedge mats that are designed for outdoor use and won’t fade in the sun. The artificial boxwood hedges look like real hedges, but don’t require the ongoing maintenance. Problem solved in West Los Angeles.

Artificial hedge fills in gaps of fence

Fake Hedges in Use

  • Privacy screens
  • Fence extensions
  • Block unsightly views
  • Noise reduction
  • Shade

In another installation, property owners installed artificial hedges around a noisy air conditioning unit that sat next to a rooftop pool area. The fake hedges sometimes mask pump houses, utility boxes, and other necessary but not eye pleasing fixtures. Artificial hedge attaches easily to any flat surfaces, or free standing units can be custom constructed.

Artificial hedge encases AC unit

Geranium Street USA is the fake hedge specialist in Los Angeles and all over California. They have custom constructed artificial hedges for all kinds of situations. They have mastered the installation of artificial boxwood hedge and other amazingly realistic artificial plants and trees. Call sales manager Martin Portilla today at (760) 216-0671 to discuss your ideas and options.  

Artificial Green Wall Covering Accent West Hollywood Apartment Building

Artificial Green Wall Covering Accent West Hollywood Apartment Building

Architectural Trellis in West Hollywood

The owners of a West Hollywood luxury apartment building installed artificial green wall covering to accent the exterior of their building. Residents and neighbors all agree the upgrade really brought the building to life. The best thing about this decorative addition is that it didn’t cost a fortune and is completely low maintenance.

Artificial green walls are the newest architectural trend – especially in upscale areas like West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Scottsdale, and Palm Beach. New manufacturing techniques of artificial plants produce more durable products than ever before. Artificial boxwood hedge designed for outdoor use installs on any flat surface and works well for decorative and practical purposes.

Artificial plant mats are available in a variety of leaf styles and shades of green. For the West Hollywood installation the owners chose small leaf artificial boxwood in medium green. Most people driving or walking by the building have no idea that the green walls are in fact artificial. The artificial hedge mats are UV rated and guaranteed not to fade in the sun.

Attractive Artificial Hedges accent apartment building

Uses For Artificial Green Wall

  • Interior/ exterior accent
  • Privacy screen
  • Block unsightly views
  • Add texture and color
  • Graffiti prevention

In some urban areas where graffiti vandalism is a constant problem, property owners install artificial green walls for graffiti prevention. Graffiti vandals target all flat walls over and over again. Property owners have to constantly repaint walls as new graffiti appears nightly. Surprisingly, vandals leave the artificial green walls alone and move on to easier targets.

Climaleaf artificial hedge mats

Architects and landscape designers have discovered the artificial green wall as a solution to many of their problems. One big advantage is that artificial green walls are relatively inexpensive to install compared to other types of construction materials. Geranium Street USA is one of the nation’s top distributors and installers of artificial green walls. Call sales manager Martin Portilla at (760) 294-9063 today to discuss your options.