bob-better600x311 About: In 2009, Bob Smith of San Diego, CA saw an opportunity to help and assist the residents of Southern California in the artificial plants market. His experience with artificial turf as owner of SmartGrass opened his vision to the décor and entertainment markets for artificial plants.

Not long after Geranium Street Floral opened, a local equestrian course builder posed Bob with the task of creating decorations for his cross country courses. Equestrian courses had formerly been decorated by cutting live plants and arranging them on the jumps. The problem with this technique, however, was that the plants would dry out and brown before the events would end. This left the courses decorated with ugly plants that would scratch the horses as they leapt over them.

When the courses were decorated with artificial plants and flowers, they remained beautiful for the course of the horse trials and the horses could come into contact with the brush without scratching themselves. The success of the artificial plants in the equestrian world provided a foothold for artificial plants in other industries.

Geranium Street was gaining popularity in the equestrian markets, it soon became very clear that there was far more potential in design, décor, as well as the entertainment industries. It wasn’t long before calls from Hollywood came in and production sets were being decorated in the latest faux hedge designs.

It was decided early on that the best long term growth potentials could be reached by crafting unique products and offering them along with premade products. For this reason, Bob Smith has worked closely with his overseas factories to craft the most unique and lifelike versions of boxwood plants.

Geranium Street Floral established a showroom in early 2014 in San Marcos, CA. Here, a design studio has been established to assist with specific customizations of our product lines. We have onsite craftsmen who are skilled in crafting various creations for events, parties, and homes. They are also available to assist in the delivery and set up of artificial plants and flowers.

We strive to make your plant buying process as easy and uncomplicated as possible. We know that your lives are busy and our goal is to streamline the process of beautifying your property. We promise that your experience will be easy, fast, and professional, drop by our website to see for yourself.