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Boxwood Hedge Panels at Consumer Electronics Show

Last week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, one event coordinator rented over 50 4’ by 8’ artificial boxwood hedge panels to accentuate a lavish party. The Consumer Electronics Show takes place over several days in Las Vegas every year and hosts thousands of visitors, trade shows, and industry parties. One such […]


Backyard Privacy Ideas for McMansions in the Los Angeles Area

McMansions, those humongous multi story homes that fill up entire lots, have neighbors searching for backyard privacy ideas. All around Los Angeles, huge new homes replace older, smaller houses, leaving next door neighbors scrambling to maintain their privacy. There are expensive solutions and less expensive solutions to this problem. In the past, a six foot […]


Artificial Privet Hedge Becoming Popular in Beverly Hills

Artificial privet hedge is a faux version of the live privacy hedges you see all over exclusive areas, and is becoming quite popular in tony Beverly Hills. You will still see towering live hedges surrounding many properties throughout the area, but for various reasons, residents are going artificial in much of their landscaping. Drought in […]