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Fence Extensions for Backyard Privacy

Many home owners are installing fence extensions to increase their back yard privacy. As McMansions spring up all over Southern California and elsewhere, many property owners are scrambling for solutions to their new privacy issues. Also, fence extensions may be necessary for the safety of children and pets. Now, there is a relatively inexpensive way […]


Ground Up Construction Creating Privacy Issues

Ground up construction is a new phenomena in real estate which has brought us the โ€œMcMansionโ€ and a range of new privacy issues. The new homes being built in older neighborhoods fill up whole lots, and are much taller than the older tract homes. This creates many disputes in neighborhoods as new privacy issues arise. […]


Artificial Foliage New Fix for Privacy

Artificial foliage is being used to prevent privacy problems in yards, especially with the advent of โ€œMcMansions.โ€ Artificial hedges, artificial trees, bushes, and topiaries are being used at remodel projects when privacy issues keep popping up, as home get larger and taller, ever encroaching on their neighbors. Real trees and vines are nice, but not […]