Multiple Uses for Artificial Hedge Panels Unique Event Rentals in San Diego Spring Landscaping Ideas Designer Artificial Plant Walls Lifelike Boxwood Tile Mats

Multiple Uses for Artificial Hedge Panels

Artificial hedge panels are turning up everywhere from construction sites, to retail spaces, to commercial buildings, and private residences. Artificial boxwood hedge mats are made of durable plastic and can be used for outdoor or indoor use. They can be used as a wall covering material, a privacy screen, or for purely decorative purposes. For […]

Unique Event Rentals in San Diego

Event season is upon us and there are many new unique event rentals available in San Diego. Event planners, brides, and companies have become more selective when it comes to event rentals. Regular folding tables are out, farm tables are in. Artificial boxwood hedges are in, as are artificial trees, artificial flowers, and unique center […]

Spring Landscaping Ideas

As May flowers bloom, many people are looking for new Spring landscaping ideas. Traditional landscaping has been disappearing in recent years, due to extreme drought conditions in California and elsewhere. New water-wise landscaping methods and materials have replaced traditional thirsty plants and trees. Artificial plants and turf have emerged as replacements, as have succulents and […]

Designer Artificial Plant Walls

Architects and designers are creating artificial plant walls for commercial buildings and private residences. Exciting new artificial boxwood hedge mats, artificial living wall mats, and artificial ivy mats are now available to create all kinds of interesting artificial plant walls. People are installing the artificial plant mats onto existing walls, or are constructing frames to […]

Lifelike Boxwood Tile Mats

Lifelike boxwood tile mats are the hottest new interior and exterior wall covering option. Artificial boxwood mats are being used to cover entire store fronts, sections of interiors, or used to create portable hedge walls. Restaurants, hotels, and commercial properties are covering inside and outside walls with this realistic looking green wall covering. Architects and […]