Artificial Flowering Plants Popular at Events Changing Attitudes About Alternative Landscaping in California Faux Greenery for the Modern World Plastic Hedge – That’s Fauxy! Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Artificial Flowering Plants Popular at Events

Artificial flowering plants are extremely popular at events like weddings, and exclusive parties. Artificial cherry blossom trees, artificial peach blossoms, and artificial azaleas light up and add color to lackluster events. For photography purposes, these artificial plants really fill up the frame with color.  Artificial plants have an advantage because they can be used over […]

Changing Attitudes About Alternative Landscaping in California

After several years of devastating drought, Californians are finally realizing that they need to make alternative landscaping choices.  Even in affluent communities, many California residents realize they can no longer keep their massive and lush green lawns.  New water restrictions call for water conservation up to 35 percent. Much of California is a considered a […]

Faux Greenery for the Modern World

Faux greenery, including artificial boxwood panels, artificial trees, and artificial privacy hedges makes sense in the modern world.  Designers and architects have had to rethink landscaping choices for a number of reasons, including serious droughts in places like California. Artificial plants are being mass manufactured and they look more realistic than ever, and they are […]

Plastic Hedge – That’s Fauxy!

Plastic hedge is emerging as décor trend in the 21 century. Artificial plants made from durable plastic are more realistic than ever and are being used at event the most upscale locales. Architects and designers in places like Beverly Hills, Encino, and San Mateo are implementing artificial boxwood hedge into their interior and landscape designs. […]

Drought Tolerant Landscaping

As strict new water restrictions take effect in California, residents are scrambling for drought tolerant landscaping ideas. As California governor Jerry Brown said, the days of Californians having their perfect green lawns are numbered. Traditional green lawns are out, water-wise landscaping is in. There are many solutions, including native plants, decorative stone, and artificial plants. […]